I make two decades and 4 years tomorrow…
And it has been a roller coaster ride all this while.
And great a life it has been too; I must say: I mean look at me, I turned out right.

Thankful to God for who he has been(I know that kinda sounds so cliche), But never the less. Thank you Lord: You so rock…Great that I am on your team or is it that you are on my team.

Mummy; for all the sacrifices made: I am afraid that I may never emulate you, a mother, bread winner, teacher, and prayer warrior all at ago: I am blessed to know and have you in my life.Love you

Dad: My mentor, my lover, my life; Dad I love you. Thank you for dreaming for me: I am honored to be your little girl. I now know better : living in pain, perseverance and joy, the beauty of life I have all learned : Thanks to you.

Festo: Your firmness and determination surprise me at times: Way to go darling: You rock and you will get there. Love you. And add some height!

Nathan: Learn to live right: Your strength and love for life; make me smile. Keep on keeping on. And stop growing tall: I look like your younger sister now..Love you to bits.

To My God that has taught me how to be: how to love, how to stand, and how to stand tall knowing who I am and what I was made for: To bring glory to your name!!!
I was made to Love you and be Loved by You. Knowing you makes me worth all the rubies that I ever will be. It makes me worth the virtue that I truly am.

My birthdays have always come and gone:

Two of them stand out for me though.
When I turned 8, I was living with a lady and her family. I was living with her because my dad wanted us (me and my siblings)to get the best education. And because our home was far away from school, we moved in with a friend of his: we had no blood relation with this lady…..So on this day: Dad had her cook a huge meal and had a cake baked for me. It was Woooow. It made me feel very special.

About 13 years down the line: On my birthday- Dad took me to the source of the Nile. He had just come back from India from surgery and the doctors had said: No more driving. But being the stubborn man that he is(which I love about him): he insisted: got a rental , and we drove for 2 hours to Jinja, went to Bujagali Falls, visited the source of the Nile and had lunch together. Got a flat tire on our way back to Kampala, and had a cake baked for me.

2years later, am at it again: the part of growing older. I do not know whether I will cut cake, have anyone sing for me: Happy Birthday: But i will have grown older that is for sure, and I will be in the house alone.

Live life while you still can:( Look at Japan- so many hopes and dreams dashed, so many lives lost in a split second!!)Live it to it’s fullness, savoring the best moments.; and looking forward to the greatness there in…

So long Friends…

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