Its  has been quite awhile I notice. It has actually not been long, It is just that so much has happened. I know that there are times that I have taken a longer break from Blogging..

So, I have a house I am living alone, I have money to spend and I am virtually not accountable to anyone. I HAVE GROWN! What a life~~~~ and in such a short time! Wow,…am giving myself a pat on the back..

But seriously it is SCARY, when I think about it. It is just that it had to be done! And when it happened all I did was look on.
Being alone in a land far from home has helped appreciate home, conversation , Life, love, family …the things that we take for granted in everyday life. I mean it is okay to wake up and not want to talk to anyone in the house because you had a bad dream or because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed….

Then there is waking up and not having a person to say good morning to. There is going through the day and you realize that you actually have not opened your mouth apart from when you went to buy bread  and eat it! No that is what I have been up to..

But I am not complaining! there about 10 people that would like to have this opportunity, about 20 that think being out of my country is cool and about 20 think Wow: So to be fair: that is so random, I gotta be thankful.
And thankful I am! Very!Thankful!

So hold onto whatever makes your life today: there is lots of it: the weather, Your irritating boss, Time, Friendship and all that there is! You need it: It is what makes Life…


Auf Wiedersehen!

3 thoughts on “Thankful!

  1. Firstly, add another reaction: BOTH! Because the read is both interesting and funny.. The part of "opening your mouth to eat bread" was so funny, I don't think there is anybody who wil believe its not true…

    Wonderful read (again).. Puts many things in perspective for us.. Pat yourself on the back,u have made it for real.

    And yes,u cdnt leave out the #posing, could you? Hahaa..

  2. @Ssonko: keep the comments coming….they are likely to get me more awards! Thanks: Always good to know that you are on the other end..Cheers!

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