Be a part of taking Ugandan Youth thoughts to the African Union

African youth are the future. They don’t know it yet or they seem not to have ‘received the memo’ as a friend likes to say. Why ? we are afraid of taking on the role and responsibility.

However, as the Ugandan proverb says : “He who fears the sun will not become chief”, we need to stop fearing the sun and take on the mantle of leadership..
Given a  chance to be a youth leader in Uganda, what would you do different ? Are you a leader? If so: why ? If not: why not?
Please take time to fill in this survey and share your thoughts on Uganda’s Youth situation.
Your thoughts will be featured in the Uganda’s position to the African Union Youth Council.
Your opinion is of paramount importance 
Reach out and let your thoughts be heard.

2 thoughts on “Be a part of taking Ugandan Youth thoughts to the African Union

  1. Work towards rebooting the system altogether because most of Africa's challenges are fundamentally systemic. Only a more responsive, responsible, compassionate, accountable and functional system can provide the framework for not only the individuals at the various levels but the entire citizenry at large to deliver on their respective obligations to our common destiny. So we need to mobilize and sensitize young people to work towards those ideals and refuse to settle for anything less than the best they can have!

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