YOUTH – How to grow and keep your lanes

As you may notice, Lanes in Africa – especially Uganda are almost non-existent. But of you are careful, you should be able to find, grow and keep your lane. Photo Credits:
I am a youth advocate and usually what I want to do is to learn
more and to listen to what people are saying. Being a part of these processes gives me a chance to do just that. As a result I have been honored to be a part of so many conversations on the continent and once in a while – I am the only young person in the room, a task I willingly undertake.

Recently, I was invited to a meeting in Kampala to put together a bigger event that was youth focused. I received concept note and
agenda for minutes for the last meeting that had been held. Because I had met and worked with the person that signed the email – I went.
When I got there though I was a tad disappointed and the first question that I asked was: if the date and timeline set to have this event was actually feasible. The event was to be organized in under 10 days and so far all there was, was an organizing team however nothing had been streamlined at all. And yet the young people wanted this event to happen by hook or crook. As we went along – there were so many loopholes and these are some of what I want to address today.
Now I am no pessimist: But I think that while we want to win
the world to or side as youth – we need to do better.
Do your homework:
This can be interpreted in so many ways.  But What I want to articulate today is something in regard to preparation. If you have an idea, that you believe in – find out what it will take- in terms of time, effort and money. Find out how many people you need to help out. Put the idea on paper, make it look real. Read a book; take a course if that makes you more relevant. As an author of a dream/idea/initiative – you need to sound authoritative and know what you are asking people to be a part of. Forget sentiments – look for and work with facts. Both however have a place in telling your story.
Seek Counsel:
I am so sure that even Albert Einstein does not know everything under the sun about physics and science. No one does. So while there may be very many resources that we can refer to including books and websites [as of today], the greatest resource yet in my opinion is human resource. People have seen and heard things, they have witnessed great ideas and more than often they will be willing to tell you the truth about that which you want to do. So do not shun
advice! Two heads are better than one. And stop witch hunting people – don’t think that everyone you speak to about your idea will steal it. The majority don’t actually care.
Be realistic
We all know that Rome was not built in one day – [I am assuming that we have all not just heard the adage but have seen it at work] and that is the truth. We cannot build dreams and visions in minutes
or days- to achieve something great we need to give ourselves time. The time is for working hard, falling, failing, getting up, and starting all over again and this cycle is almost endless. But that it how we learn best- like they say: experience is the best teacher. I know so.
One idea at a time
The youth today are abuzz with gazillion ideas and they are all chasing them at the same time. We cannot do everything at the same time and we need to be honest about this. You cannot be the cook, the dishwasher, doctor, lawyer and engineer at the same time. How about we concentrate on getting one thing done and have it done well? I think that excellence at what we do is what is important and that is what we shall get noticed for.
5.      Cooperate

This just means work with other people. If you are the head – you will need the legs, arms  and heart. There is a reason as to why we have been created that way. Whatever your role and calling in life- use that to enrich others.  Not everything is a well cut out, I have found I life that even the simple things that are obvious to one are not obvious to another. So, encourage each other, work each other and agree to disagree sometimes – we are all difference but working for the same cause. Grow others so that they can grow you. Selfishness is good- but know when to be selfish and when to share. Timing is everything.
  • Work Hard
Success comes to those that go the extra mile, work hard and work hard. This is the greatest chronicle of all. It will take tears, time, effort, sleep, may cost you friends and relationships sometimes – but there is definitely a price to pay. You will get understood by some and misunderstood by many, but keep on keepin’ on.

And this is my dear youth is what I call growing your lane and then keeping it. in due time you will reap bountifully.

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