Everyone that has lived in this world has tasted failure and
success as well. But today I would like to focus on the former;Failure.

Everyone knows what it means to fall and feel like they will
never get up. Everyone I think has had a taste of what it means to go to bed,
and pray the sun comes up in 2 mins, because you cannot wait it through. Afraid
of the dark, you sit through the cold, watching the dark, not able to rest. Every
one of us I believe has been fearful of the future, because it hangs in balance
due to what you have done in the present and or the past.  The failure to make a decision and stick to
it, the failure to have unfaltering hope and trust in a family member, loved
one or spouse. Failure like anything else in life gets to us.

And I am no exception. That I could do better and be better
in so many ways and things but I have not been able to. And today I come to
terms that things can never be all so well with me. That I am a human being who
while is still trying to understand the world that I live in , has to deal
everyday with life, love, disappointments, expectations :-head on and still
live.  I realise that dealing with
everyday life is a task, a challenge but also an honour.

While for some I am accomplished at this time of my life, I
have a lot going on*(which is true) but I am also a pocket full of disappointments.  My story, the script that I have chosen to
write is a little dark in some areas, has a few dirty patches and a few holes
too. But then again I am reminded that, that is what makes a great script, no?
That you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that you can at the end
of the day, be thankful for the day: good or bad. That I think, makes a great
script. One that is believable: one that is worth writing home about!

You and I, I believe have trodden this lonely road. Where the rest
of life in our minds and world hangs in balance or by a thread because a
decision was made in haste, or a judgement made was wrong and so the result is
pain:-Failure.  When we fail to see the
bigger picture and decide to hang on to the little and or small mistake that
take our peace of mind away from us.
And I start this new phase, the post-failure phase: I can only pray
that I will learn from my mistakes and embarrassments. That I will be better ,
hopefully judge less and listen more, that my life will be richer:-Because I
did not fall and stay there but I got up and lived on!
What better way to end this ranting than this:

Psalm 73:26

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.

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