Proverbs are an important part of African Culture. While growing up, there were always proverbs that we heard : they were always said to us in our mother tongues. I come from Kabale District which is south west of Uganda. One of the proverbs that I remember is this: “Agatereaine nigo gata egufa”. This phrase when loosely translated to English means : ‘they that are united will break the bone’
That to me means that there is a lot to gain from ‘we’ and not just I, me or them : there is something more. And well, this may sound cliche but we need to hear it again and again. Today as we celebrate or rather commemorate Blog Action Day, I want to share some of the awesome projects that I have worked on as a blogger and a person that have been worth writing home about. And what is important, is that to me they reflect the ‘Power of We’ as is the theme for today.
They have already been shared on this my blog, but I would love to highlight them even more.

Early this year, a few friends and I decided to give back to community. We got together and went to Kisenyi Slum, the biggest in Kampala. There we held a free photo shoot where the young children had their portraits taken. A studio in Kampala helped us to have these pictures printed , and a  month later the children were  given their photos back.We realized as individuals that we often took so much for granted. But , this would not have happened if I was alone, or if Andy Kristian the guy who though about this was a lone. It made me realize that as a group or team we can always make a difference. And make a difference we did in these little children’s eyes.
The other heart warming encounter happened mid this year. Parts of Eastern Uganda yet again were marred by landslides. Heavy rain pored for about 7 hours in Bududa, an area found in Eastern Uganda. Together we put out appeal for help from Ugandans mainly using Facebook and Twitter social Media Platforms. Again the magic happened. Many reacted to the appeal and the help came in form of money and clothes from different organisations and individuals. At the end of the campaign, two trips had been made to the area and items: including salt, soap, jerrycans and clothes were delivered. The Power of WE! It was amazing.
Every time that I look back at these and so many other stories, I realize you and I on our own cannot do much: but together WE can do great things. WE can achieve a lot and WE can change the world and make it a better place. But first WE have to try and WE have got to give it a shot. It’s never about who we are, or where come from that matters : it is the fact that WE tried, and we made it work.
Life is relational. It is about pulling each others’ weight, it is about lifting each other up when we fall, it is about living for the things that we dream and care about.
Make it work: Together: WE can make a difference.

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