Social Media :- The Way to go?

I recently attended a Social Media Conference. The conference was not like many of those that we attend every day I assume. It was virtual. It was conducted online, all participants were logged in from different parts of the world and came together to attend the conference at scheduled times. Hosted in Berlin, the theme of the conference was: Social Media (R)Evolutions Game Changers in Government, Opposition, Media and Culture.

The speakers featured in the 4 day conference were from Austria, Brazil, Netherlands, South Africa, Slovenia, Iceland, Germany, Algeria, USA and so many other countries.
We had great topics to cover in the four days:

In what way is Social Media a Game Changer for Governments? Political Opposition? Media, Culture, Democracy and Freedom:  What is changing? Who is affected? What does this mean for democracy and freedom? On the last day, we looked at: can the the perspectives be merged into a versatile picture: To what extent are social media a game changer for politics and the public?Interesting topics these were: We had a virtual coffee corner as well.

Social Media today shapes a lot of what goes on in the world. For some, it sets the agenda, others it helps re-define perspectives and opinions of what is going on either in their businesses or in their day to day lives.
Social media interaction is made possible by the increased use of smart phones in Uganda.

In 1998, there were 3000 subscribers, by December 2010 there were 605,000 mobile internet subscriptions and 35,000 fixed internet subscriptions. This is 2012, thus the numbers have greatly increased. The numbers are obviously way higher in Kenya. In May 2011, there were over 10,000,000 internet users. These statistics are according to Uganda Communications Commission, International Telecommunication Union, StatCounter and compiled by ihub Kenya.
This means that in Uganda and Africa as a whole internet usage and penetration continues to grow: but more importantly Social Media coverage:

Social Media today is one of the biggest tools that supports innovation. Through solving problems, improvisation, Involving audiences : citizens are able to network, build bridges and even come up with new concepts: all achieved on Social Media.

My question to you is: What are you doing to harness the power that comes with the increase of Social Media Coverage?

Because Social Media is definitely the way to go!

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